The Society organises events to mark English occasions and acts as a focal point for all who enjoy English culture and traditions. The Society has a busy programme of events including quiz nights, treasure hunts, family brunches, race nights and dances.

The major event each year is the St George’s Ball marking the death of England’s Patron Saint on April 23. Coincidentally, that is also the birthday and death-day of England’s greatest writer, William Shakespeare and birthday of its greatest painter, JMW Turner.

The Society is affiliated to the Royal Society of St George, whose patron is Queen Elizabeth. There are more than 70 branches of the Society around the world and membership is growing rapidly.

While the main aim of Society event is enjoyment, considerable sums are also raised for charities, both in the UAE and in England. Recipients have included Dubai Autism Centre (as well as an autism charity in England) and Dubai Riding for the Disabled. The  charities currently being supported are the Acorns Children’s Hospice Trust which operates in the West Midlands and Gloucestershire  in England and SenseS a new residential and day care centre for children with special needs here in Dubai. Acorns runs hospices for children who are life-limited and offers support to their families (see Links for more information). To date, we have been able to donate in excess of £25,000 to them.

Membership of the Dubai St George’s Society is just AED 50 per family per year and new members are always welcome. For details contact the Membership Secretary or click on the Membership area to download an application form.